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Shri Shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand saraswati ji


Shri Shri 1008 Kaula Avdhoot Trikalanand Saraswati Ji Guru Maharaaj  Shri Shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand Saraswati Ji Guru Maharaaj is an Indian Tantra Astrologer, Shri Dus Mahavidhya and Adhi Shakti Maa Kamakhya & kaal sarp yog shanti sadhak. He is devotee to Maa Kamakhya and Shri Dus Mahavidhya. He is belonging to Lucknow, India. He had done very hard Aghor sadhana of shri Dus mahavidhya & Maa kamkhya shakti. Shri Gurumaharaaj is pure Aghori sadhak which is the related to graveyard or samshaan sadhana,He is working for last 12th  year for those people have critical problems that's like planets problem, vastu problem, wealth and health problem, business problem and education problem,kaalsarpyog,guruchandal yog, remove all types of Black magic(kala jadoo/jadu) effect, physical & mental problem. All types of problems in horoscope  & unbalanced condition in life. He solved the problem by meditation & yagya. He has done a lot of people "meditation" &" grand Mahayagya" which give relief for all people on earth, because yagya & meditation is the only one solution for all the problem who face every person in this earth. He is a medium between you (bhakt) & Shri Mahavidhya Shakti. Our Ashram "KAAL VINASHNI KALI DHAAM" which is situated in Lucknow those entire people who are suffering of many problems in his life. His all problem solved by meditation, shanti yagya and blessing of Mahavidhya Shakti in the Ashram. Mahakaal Trikalanand Saraswati ji Guru Maharaaj has two Gurudev one of the Kapalik and second of the tratak sadhak. First Gurudev who is kapalik his name is Shri Shri 1008 Kapalik Mahakaal Bhairawanand Saraswati Ji Guru Maharaaj and second of the Gurudev, his name is Shri Shri 10008 Mahakaal Satyendranand Saraswati ji Guru Maharaaj both are sadhak of Assam & devotee of Maa Kamakhya and Mahavidhya Shakti.Guruji believe always want to completely remove kaal sarp yog  or kaal sarp dosh ,pitra dosh,Angark dosh,vish dosh, child less couple problem, miscarriage problem in any lady,  tantra pryog, ghost related problem suffeing any people & all types of bad yog creat  in horoscope not only shanti who suffer this bad yoga. He had done lots  of kaal sarp yog shanti mahayagya & mahavidhya yagya and all planets evil effect removal yagya, shat chadni yagya, mahamrityunjaya yagya, santaan gopal yagya, mahalaxmi sri yagya, victory of  all types of legal matter  Maa Bagalmukhi yagya, kuber yagya ,Gyatri mahayagya,Rudra abisheka, Kmakahya yagya,etc,last 12th year and many people who has suffer for any bad yog get relief at this time blessing of mahavidhya shakti & shri Gurumaharaaj ji.


Shri Shri 10008 Mahakaal Satyendranand

Saraswati Ji Guru Maharaaj 

 Shri Shri 10008 Kaula Avdhoot Satyendranand Saraswati Ji Guru Maharaaj

He was born in Bhiar originally.The Great Aghori Tantrik has his followers all around the world.The Aghori Mahakaal leads a simple life with not so simple thoughts. His Black robes suggest the presence of VAIRAGYA in his thoughts.The Aghori Mahakaal ji takes his food in human skull for which he has to wonder around the river banks.His tapasya for Maa Kamakhya has made him fearless, invincible Mahakaal Kapalik for the world to cherish for time undefined to come. The great Aghori Mahaakl Kapalik spends most of his time in meditating at the crematorium. Apart from this he loves to explore about his inspirational Goddess Maa Kamakhya. Here are some accounts of his bravado and greatness. He had done hard sadhana of shridusmahavidhya & Navdurga also many sadhana & got sidhi. it’s way of remedy by Aghor sadhana & tantra astrology.He done lots of yagya poojen, those people have critical problems that's like planets problem, vastu problem, wealth and health problem, business problem and education problem,kaalsarpyog, Guruchandal yog, physical & mental problem. All types of problems & unbalanced condition in life.

A true Kaula master and beloved of the Goddess, Guruji “bears the skull” as a genuine Kapalika in his great compassion for humanity. Shri S atyendaranand  ji is respected throughout India and is recognized as one of the greatest Tantrics alive today. The Aghoreshwara has penetrated the deepest aspects of the Vidya and has come through in great Victory. The beloved rupa of the Goddess that is closest to Guruji’s heart is Adyashakti Maa Kamakhya, and Shri Kapalik  Satyendaranand  represents the great lineage of Vama Shaktas of which he inherited from his Guru Shri Kapalik Bhagwan Ram ji Maharaaj. To see Guruji move in India is quite a sight as crowds stare in awe of his huge magnetic presence. Sadhus and other Tantrics can only bow their heads in respect. Even the blow-hard Tantrics that inhabit many places and try to scare and intimidate people become timid and quiet when the great Kapalika is present. Verily, Guruji is Mahakaal in human form, and an ocean of grace to those who sit at his feet.Of Bhiari origins, Shri Mahakaalji’s family came to live in the Bhiar East Champaran  area. After receiving a good education and job, Guruji’s spiritual longings and dispassion concerning the way of the world became intense. He left home to pursue the depths of his Being. After meeting his Guru, Shri Satyendaranand  saraswati ji stayed with him for a long period and never left his side. Later, he roamed throughout India, spending time at various pithas and then moving on. During this period, Guruji often didn’t bother with clothes and would walk naked (digambara), even dealing with extreme conditions of cold while in the mountains. For one like Sri Kapalik Satyendaranand  ji, the cremation grounds represent a favored place of sadhana, and Guruji is a Shamshan Sadhak of the highest order. The stories from this period of Shri Satyendaranand ji’s life are truly remarkable and mirror many of the works and trials of the Tantric Siddhas of ancient times. Guruji never bothered for food during these years as he was completely under Maa’s grace and someone would spontaneously bring sustenance when required.

This does not mean that Guruji did not face tests. Once, while sitting on the banks of the Narmada river, Guruji was approached by some local tough guys who came on motor bikes. They were resentful that the locals were treating Shri Mahakaalji with so much respect and said that if he were a true Saint he should drink some gasoline that they had brought. Guruji took this as a test from Maa and poured the gas into the kapal patra (skull cup) and drank it. Guruji had to leave his body consciousness because the burning was so intense but he made it through this trial. Because of Guruji’s power he is able to deal with subtle energies/entities of a negative nature who harm or invade others. One female saint contacted Guruji because her son was under the sway of a certain entity. Two other Tantrics had previously been called but both were killed. When Guruji arrived the man got wild upon seeing him, picked out a large weapon, and charged towards him. Guruji stood his ground and calmly poured some water into his patra and when this fellow came into range, Guruji threw some of this water on him. The man fell and yelled in great pain.When approached, the spirit was afraid of Guruji and promised to leave the man if one meal were provided. It was done and this entity left in peace.Because of Shri Kapalik Mahakaal Satyendaranandji’s high level of attainment and the perfection of his will, any kriya (action) that is taken by Guruji on a person’s behalf bears fruit. One man who dealt in diamonds had a large amount of his precious stones stolen by an employee. This employee took a bag of diamonds that had a value of around one million dollars and disappeared. The owner of these stolen diamonds found Guruji at Kamakhya and asked for his help. Guruji agreed to help after the man agreed to denote a large amount to the construction of a certain temple. The diamond merchant went away, leaving some of his employees to help and to watch Shri Satyendaranand ji. After five days, these people were beginning to lose faith in Guruji but suddenly two cars were seen approaching from the hilly road. The first car came and had the former employee with a bag of diamonds, and the second car had the owner of said diamonds. When asked by the others why he had come and brought the stones, the thief said that he had the strong feeling that these stones had to be brought to Kamakhya and that if he didn’t bring them there he would die. He repented for the theft and handed over the stones.

While these are just a few examples of the power of Guruji (and there are many more like these), the real power of Shri Satyendaranandji is in the way that he can move his disciples to deeper spiritual depths. His true power is the love and grace that he has for all that come to him and the peace that one receives from his presence. Guruji now spends much of his time at his Ashram in Delhi and there is a Kali mandir in the vicinity that is now under construction and should be completed within a year. He still makes trips to his favorite pithas like Kamakhya and of course he often goes to the cremation grounds. Guruji attends the Kumbha Melas and represents this great tradition and sampradaya. The true Akhada of this sampradaya is the Shamshan, and the true Guru is Shri Kapalik Mahakaal Satyendaranand Saraswati.



Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand Sarawswati ji Maharaaj

Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand  Saraswati ji maharaaj- Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand Sarawswati ji Maharaaj, Sadhak of Maha Kali, Maa Baglamukhi & kaalsarp Dosh shanti sadhak. He know Tantra astrology and meditation. He devotee of Mahashakti Maa kamakhya & Maa Bagalamukhi.He is Helping from last 9th years for those people have facing of specially for kaalsarpyoga & grahena dosh ,vish dosh,pitra dosh,naag dosha,Guru chandal yoga, kuja dosh,enemy related or legal matter related problems,remove all types of black magic (kala jadu/kala jadoo)effect,ghost related any people problem,or unbalanced condation  in his life. He is student of first Gurudev Shri Shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand Saraswati ji Guru Maharaaj & second is Shri Shri 10008 Mahakaal Satyendranand Saraswati ji Guru Maharaaj .